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eDuzeNet formerly known as Shaanky Studios is part of JD Designs.

We have been designing and developing website since 2005. During that time we have undertaken a strategy of steady growth and have built up a reputation with our clients for high quality designs at competitive prices.  Our reputation is tied together with the success of your website or internet marketing campaign. Our focus is on providing exceptional service and delivering powerful results. We'll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on results.
We offer Internet consulting, web site design, database development, e-commerce, web hosting, internet marketing and graphic designing.

Customer Testimonial

Starting off in the competitive broadcasting industry is not an easy thing, let alone nowadays due to the explosion of the information super highway that is the internet. When we decided to set up a radio station (www.afrodeepradio.com) the biggest dilemma we faced was finding a website developer who understood the seriousness of running an internet based business. Our aim was to find a website developer who was offering a prompt, reliable and yet competitive service. Paramount to our requirements was a unique, stable and secure platform. We did not want a website that would crush the minute the volume of traffic increased or be susceptible to being compromised or hacked into easily. eDuzeDesigns fitted our criteria and we gave them a try. From the onset the designers exhibited profound knowledge of the field and advised us on the way forward. The service they provided was value for money from the onset. We had a vision and we communicated this to the designers who were eager and skilled to put it into reality. The communication, compassion and professionalism shown throughout the website design phase was sterling, as was the after support service which we still rely on even today. The competitive prices eDuzeDesigns offers can only be dreamt about to be honest. Anybody who wishes to see our website can visit www.afrodeepradio.com and see the brilliant finished product from eDuzeDesigns. I would recommend this company to anyone serious about their business; and will certainly be using them again in the future. By - DJ Gaths co-founder - www. AfrodeepRadio.com
by DJ Gaths (Afrodeep Radio)
Signed: February 11 2011 14:21:25.
Well! Good service, eDuzeDesigns helped me create a website for my debut published novel "A Dark Horizon". Through the website I managed to get over a million people to read my work. Thank you guys. Looking forward to doing business with you when I next publish.
by Janine Dube Books Website.
Signed: February 11 2011 14:21:25.